About us The pace of contemporary is so frantic that people just don't have time for their personal lives.Real-life dating is pretty time-consuming that is why more and more men and women resort to online dating.

But if your first date turns out to be enjoyable, this would be a big surprise for you. Dating can be fun Don’t forget not necessary dating must be dinner, movie and supper. And of course you expose yourself under unforeseen danger. Keep smiling There are so many factors have turn down your mood even for your first date with him. Even you have period, your handphone dropped into the toilet, your car has just broke down, a good smile always calm yourself and keep the dating environment pleasant.

You can opt to cook with him at home, or even play TV console at home together. It is also a more interactive way compare to traditional dating method. Imagine you are with him, in a coffee shop, fill with handsome guy and pretty girl. This is the 12 dating tips for girls, especially for first date.

But please bear in mind, you must make safety precaution if you plan to date him at his or your house. You may not have a pleasant dating experience then. Remember to go through it, prepare yourself, then you can be expecting a good lovely dating awaits you.

Are you very excited about meeting him for the first time?

Do you have sleepless night before your first date with him?

Do you plan whole day what to wear when you dating someone new? Let me share this dating tips for girls with you, although this may sounds discouragement. Study his facebook profile, see where he went to recently, understand what his favorite movie is. Maybe you have use this first date guide to ‘investigate’ him thoroughly, you may already know where he lives, how many family members he have or even how many ex-girlfriend he has. Guys don’t like to be known thoroughly, leave some privacy to him and he will appreciate it. Don’t drink too much I remember I mention this earlier in this is always true when it comes to dating tips for girls.

Please lower your expectation when you dating someone new! Sometimes a small little thing that can spark between you and him. You can drink, of course, but don’t get yourself drunk.

Being confident is good, but you also need to manage his expectation. The fact is, wearing a comfortable flat shoe when you dating someone new can helps you more relax and enjoy. Don’t wear too sexy This is the first time you meet. If you wants to know more about secrets about Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, you can check this website.

With all the pretty ladies surrounding, it may be difficult to attract his attention all the time, definitely will lower your dating experience. You can opt for a small walk in a park around your place after dating. Prepare your sexy underwear “Hey, this is a first date guide, not a sex guide! But even your first date didn’t ended ‘well’, a sexy underwear still helps you to feel confident, and of course sexy.

And if your first date ended ‘well’, of course you don’t want to have ‘granny’ under your pants, right? Bring your gum and dental floss with you If you are dating with him in a romantic restaurant, you stood up, went to washroom, but don’t have dental floss or gum with you! Are you going to embarrass yourself getting back to him?

Make sure you bring your gum and dental floss with you all the time, this is one important first date guide for you – leave a good impression! Encourage yourself Feeling nervous for your first dating?