it looks like earlier in the evening Al Pacino girlfriend sat among the public that was listening to hi show and the talks of what he has achieved in his life and this is really impressive so she can be proud of him.

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Even though Al Pacino girlfriend is younger and he is the one that has plenty of money and fame they look happy with each other.

Al Pacino girlfriend is an Argentinian actress, but she is not as famous as he is and there are people that would not know her if she would not be going out with Al.

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Al Pacino stars in "Jack and Jill" (2011), opposite Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes. After having received Best Actor nominations for "And Justice for All," "The Godfather Part II," "Dog Day Afternoon," and "Serpico" (which also earned him a Golden Globe Award), Pacino won an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in "Scent of a Woman" (for which he also won a Golden Globe Award).

Al Pacino girlfriend is Lucila Sola and they have been dated even since 2010 and it appears that they are living together with her daughter Camila.

Thus it appears that they are still looking like they are newly in love, because when she was together with him in one of his shows she looked happy and they were arm in arm when leaving the casino.

Even though she is only 33 years old and he is 73 years old and that is a big difference, because he could be his father, still they look great together and even though Al is not in his early age, but he still has plenty of fans and as a man over 70 years he looks fantastic and alive as ever.

Al Pacino girlfriend seems to be guarding him, because she did not move out of the way even when people were trying to get his autographs and that is a good thing, because it proves that she does love and admires him and there is a lot to admire about Al.

He received three Oscar nominations as Best Supporting Actor for his roles in "The Godfather," "Dick Tracy," and "Glengarry Glen Ross." He won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Roy Cohn in HBO's award-winning adaptation of "Angels in America." His portrayal of Dr.

Jack Kevorkian in HBO's "You Don't Know Jack" earned him the Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe, and Emmy Award for his performance.

Among Pacino's more than forty feature film credits are "Righteous Kill," "88 Minutes," "Ocean's 13," "Two for the Money," "Merchant of Venice," "Insomnia," "Simone," "The Insider," "Any Given Sunday," "Donnie Brasco," "The Devil's Advocate," "Two Bits," "Heat," "City Hall," "Carlito's Way," "People I Know," "The Recruit," "Scarface," "Author! ," "Bobby Deerfield" and "Scarecrow." He made his film debut in 1971 in "The Panic in Needle Park." Pacino made his professional acting debut off-Broadway, after studying with Herbert Berghof and later with Lee Strasberg at the Actor's Studio.