This is the second marriage for Cheryl and third marriage for Robert. Robert has two children by his first wife and four by his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who committed suicide in May 2012.Cheryl has gushed over the idea of marrying Robert and just couldn’t wait to tie the knot.

The ceremony was held under a tent on the property of Kennedy’s mother, Ethel Kennedy, located on the family’s six-acre compound.

Kennedy’s four sons — Robert, 29, Conor, 20, William, 16, and Aiden, 13 — served as his groomsmen.

Hines’ 10-year-old daughter, Catherine Rose Young, served as her bridesmaid alongside Kennedy’s two daughters, Kathleen, 26, and Kyra, 18. Kennedy Jr., whose property was in the news recently when a strange man was discovered there on July 15.

Since they started dating, they’ve actually become adventurists! This will be the third marriage for Robert and the second for Cheryl.

She also said that they actually went scuba diving together — and “he picked up a starfish at the bottom of the ocean, and gave it to me.” That sounds adorable! Apparently when you’re out in the wild, your socks can really be helpful. Plus, they go to different events together — he accompanies her on carpets and helps with charities she’s involved in, while she helps him do environmental events.

Hines played David’s put-upon wife in the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for eight seasons. Kennedy, who was assassinated while campaigning for president in 1968, and the nephew of former president John F. “People in my circle tend to look at people in politics as being boring,” Hines told the New York Times.

and actress Cheryl Hines were married at the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., on Aug. Kennedy, 60, and Hines, 48, were first introduced by comedian Larry David and began dating in 2012.

Kennedy added that he had reservations about dating an actress, but David, the couple’s matchmaker, assuaged those fears, describing Hines as “the most solid person I’ve ever met.” The couple announced their engagement in April.

Their two-year relationship developed “slowly at first and then all at once,” according to Kennedy.