So We offers a safe space for the small segment of the population who want to stay virgins until marriage.It enables partners who value their own virginity to pair up, and it affirms the desire to remain chaste before marriage.The founders of the site, a husband and wife team who exchanged their "vows and their virginities" on their wedding day, believe virginity is something that goes beyond physical intercourse.

Only 30 percent of applicants to the site are admitted, and they gain access through a fee and a survey designed to assess their trustworthiness.

The site's founders admit that some virgins are left out due to the rigorous screening process, while some who lie about their sexual activity make it in.

But, according to its homepage, We mostly achieves its goal: "to use virginity as a significant compatibility tool to bring people together." If movies like weren't enough, sociological data back up the fact that virginity before marriage is rare in the West.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 95 percent of Americans engage in premarital sex.

A Changing Institution," women and men still want to meet and build relationships with each other, so marriage remains an ideal.

Because of this, reports Stephanie Rosenblum in , online dating sites of a remarkable variety have proliferated in recent years.

Some are based purely on physical appearance, others focus on hobbies and interests, while others highlight education or the type of computer you use.

Wading into these crowded waters is We, a dating site exclusively for virgins.

We (formerly called Youand Me Are is not explicitly Christian, but its view of sex as something involving the whole person aligns with the Christian view. Jones writes in the January issue of , sex has meaning, and that meaning is derived from God's intentions for sex, not from our intentions or desires.

For Christians, sex is not a merely physical act, but one with implications for gender relationships, embodiment, procreation, personal fulfillment, and God's glory.

"God made sexual intercourse to create and sustain a permanent, one-flesh union in a male-female married couple," Jones writes.