Combining the sampling, mapping and past thought, even from the last year, with the current understanding always results in a more robust model.Historical understanding is that grade was contained in short scale veins.The implicit modelling grade shells indicate there may be a series of cross-cutting faults disrupting the grade.

validating model-26

For implicit modelling, you need a basic understanding of the interpolation process.

The following help ensure models are robust and the process properly understood.

Often those that came before were better trained in mapping, thinking and field work.

Implicit modelling is fast and easy to run multiple times to test hypotheses and rapidly assess new datasets.

The ease with which the geologist can create and recreate allows refining to something approaching reality.

To create meaningful and robust models, proper forethought, planning and understanding of the area’s geology is required.

Implicit modelling allows you to build the model you have in mind and apply various changes to test possibilities suggested by analysis of the data.

In this day of 24/7 connectivity and constant demands, we rarely have the time to spend thinking.

Geological understanding may have changed, but the fundamental basics and measurements remain.

I regularly come across fully qualified geologists that mix strike and dip direction, a mistake that makes the data worthless.

Sandstone mapped 100 years ago is still sandstone, granite 100 years ago is still granite today, even if the understanding of its origins has changed.