Support options are typically obtained from Novell Support representatives when you need assistance resolving specific database problems.[…] Make sure that you clearly understand what the Support options do before you use them. It removes references to lost or orphaned attachment files from message databases, which eliminates Quick Finder indexing errors.

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In Resets system folder names so that the client can come in and replace them.

Used when a database gets created with foreign language names for system folders, and you want to reset them to some other language.

The “Procedure for development, revision, clarification and update of standardized baselines” defines the process to develop new standardized baselines as well as to revise, clarify and update approved standardized baselines.

How to develop standardized baselines Project participants may select an approved standardized baseline if the approved standardized baseline is valid and applicable to the proposed CDM project activity or Po A in accordance with the “CDM project standard".

Approved Standardized Baselines In accordance wit the “Procedure for development, revision, clarification and update of standardized baselines”, the Board considers all proposed standardized baselines.

Until a decision has been made by the Board, the standardized baselines are pending cases.[Pending | Finalized] In accordance with the “Procedure for development, revision, clarification and update of standardized baselines” at any time following the receipt of the agreement with the DNA(s) of a Party(ies) for which the draft standardized baseline (DSB) is proposed using the “DSB development agreement” form (CDM-DSBA-FORM), the Board may decide to develop a DSB or the secretariat may propose to the Board that it develop a DSB [Pending | Finalized] The use of standardized baselines can potentially reduce transaction costs, enhance transparency, objectivity and predictability, facilitate access to the CDM, particularly with regard to underrepresented project types and regions, and scale up the abatement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while ensuring environmental integrity.Available in On the Misc tab, you can use the new delallsubscriberecords support option to resolve problems with users' Notify alarms that were not resolved using the delsubscriberecords support option. 12.1.1 Default MIME Encoding Change After Group Wise 7 Support Pack 1, the Group Wise client started using UTF-8 instead of ISO for MIME encoding. In the Database Path field browse to and select the post office directory. See TID 3215561: Novell Group Wise 7 SP3 GWCheck tzchangefolder information for complete instructions. Purges any mail message with a subject field that matches a certain string.This causes occasional problems in some languages where Group Wise 6.5 clients are being run against Group Wise 7 post offices. The text file should contain the subject line of the message you want to purge from the user's database.To help with the transition, a Support option has been added to Group Wise Check (GWCheck) to convert user databases back to the ISO encoding for your language. Start GWCheck as described in Group Wise Check in Databases in the Group Wise 7 Administration Guide. It can be partial text, but it must be the starting words (e.g., the first 27 characters of the subject) but everything that begins with the string you type will be purged and will NOT be recoverable.To execute the purge, perform a Contents check and fix on the appropriate user database.