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For the gamers and high-end users, this feature not only means that product has better quality components within, but also provide much stronger support while users want to engage in hard-core tuning.

Afterburner co-development by MSI and Rivatuner, MSI releases the ultimate graphics card utility “Afterburner”.

This utility enables all MSI graphics cards users to boost performance and to monitor all kinds of critical information in real-time.

Afterburner is a completely free utility which is compatible with almost all MSI graphics cards.

This advanced manufacturing technology reduces operating temperatures and improves performance, and when combined with the latest connectivity standard it can also deliver a staggering 32GB/s of bandwidth with compatible CPUs and motherboards, this means an even better gaming experience for gamers HDMI and DVI are the most comprehensive used interfaces for high definition video display.

MSI adopts two interfaces to provide a complete output solution for users to enjoy the latest HD video such as blu-ray movie.

The Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture is a radically new approach to the design of a consumer GPU.

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