A couple of years later he met Peter Grütter, who became and has remained his coach ever since, and Salomé Brunner, his long-time choreographer.The next few years were made up of many early mornings and long drives to Geneva for Stéphane and his mother.Meanwhile, he went to elementary school like any other child.

He has an older sister, Silvia, and a younger brother, Christophe.

Lambiel spent his childhood in the family home in Saxon.

At the age of 7, having watched his sister skate, he became so fascinated by the art that he spent every evening watching skating videos and practicing jumps in the garage.

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Last I heard about Johnny Weir’s love life, he was dating some willowy blonde, right? Weir began dating hottie Victor Voronov over the summer, and over the holidays, they got married!

I was going through their Twitter pages, and it does seem like they were in New York on New Year’s Eve, so I’m just saying…

Victor has even changed his Twitter name to Victor Weir-Voronov. ” Figure skater and reality star Johnny Weir married Victor Voronov on New Year’s Eve. “I’m very happy with my personal life and also my professional life, and I thank God I can be exactly where I’m at.” [From Us Weekly] I’m assuming Johnny and Victor were married in New York, where gay marriage is legal now (and where Johnny and Victor live).

Weir clarified that his “wedding [will be] in the summer, but all the official stuff is done now! Weir told Ice that Voronov is “kind of everything that I’ve ever looked for and aspired to be in a relationship with.” “We’ve known each other for a long time and we reconnected over the summer, and it’s just been a whirlwind,” he told the site.