Video chat sex therapy sessions can be far more convenient than in-person sessions.

This week I have a question from Bethany*, who wrote to me asking for some input about the difference between in-person and video chat sex therapy sessions.

Bethany was trying to decide if video chat sessions were appropriate for her, and wanted more information about how they work.

It’s a question that I frequently get asked, so I thought it would make a perfect Reader’s Request Fridays topic!

If you’re considering video chat sex therapy, here are some things to keep in mind: The first step is scheduling a day and time that works for both of us.

I use Google Hangouts video chat for my services, so I make sure that you have a Gmail account and direct you to the Hangouts plug in (most accounts already have it installed).

I collect payment before the first session using Venmo, an electronic payments service.At our pre-arranged time, I initiate a video chat over Hangouts, and we talk for 50 minutes.The usual rules of my sex therapy sessions apply, so there’s no sexual contact or nudity that takes place during the video chat. (If you’re interested in more information about what to expect from sex therapy, check out an article I wrote on this subject here).Coming in for in-person sessions can feel quite vulnerable, and video chats often feel more comfortable.I try my best to make my sessions as welcoming and relaxed as possible, but I also understand that sex is hard to talk about openly.I love that video chat allows me to work with clients who would have been too nervous to come in for in-person sex therapy!