" by saying "Only when I shave, and I do that running." Kim played his part, which hopefully will be developed more in future episodes, in an easy-going, laid-back manner.

People who like the old show will dislike her for taking over the role played by Zoulou and people who watch the new show will see her as Mod Squad eye candy.

A former champion surfer and soon-to-graduate rookie cop, her character is brought into the Five-0 team because she is supposedly an unknown quantity to the bad guys in Hawaii, a strategy that fails very quickly.

In real life, after her job was up, she would have been let go with thanks.

he does ), though his serious, determined character seemed even more wedded to his job than Jack Lord's Mc Garrett.

I found the transition from Mc Garrett bitching out the Governor at Pearl Harbor at the beginning of the show to him suddenly renewing his friendship with Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) too abrupt.

I also thought Mc Garrett could have taken the time to shave for his father's funeral.

Maybe this was a reference to the original Mc Garrett, who, in an early season episode, responded to a doctor who asked him, "Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Overall, this pilot episode was better than I expected, though not without some issues.

The writers compressed a considerable amount of action and plot, including a lot of back story about the characters, into three-quarters of an hour.