I was only complaining about the business of not getting what we deserved to get paid from all the hard work we were putting in. With that being said, I want to share with you words from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that he shared with us in our study guides.

QM: The media…well I’ll talk about MTV’s Making the Band…they have to make ratings, and they have to come up with a good show.

Therefore, if there’s a situation…in my situation, I was in the right about what I was talking about.

I was crying and yelling over Dawn, because of the group and certain individuals were blaming our business- business-on Dawn. Besides all of that, it’s a show so it’s not that deep.

Therefore, in making it into the band and working in the band you have to do that.

How were you able to this while going through your own personal matters and not get distracted or discouraged from reaching those ultimate goals?

Qwanell Mosely (QM): When you get into any business, you have to realize that it’s about building the brand and protecting the brand.

When I was a part of , MTV’s Making the Band, I was for the group.

Muhammad (EM): I would like to talk about having aspirations in life; what it takes to achieve those goals, walking in your purpose and experiencing the challenges that may include disappointment and unmet expectations.

Also, how spirituality and faith enables you to overcome and prevail in spite of all of that.