Our mission is to facilitate the personal, academic, and spiritual success of women at BYU by empowering them through education and connecting them with resources to help them excel as individuals, build thriving families, and strengthen their communities.“The Prophet Joseph literally brought heaven closer to earth as he lifted the darkness of apostasy, banished it, and brought to light the Savior’s plain and precious doctrine.Scot Facer Proctor took the photographs for this essay except for the interior shots where were provided by the LDS Newsroom. You may arrow through the photos at your own pace with your mouse or touchpad on the right or left of the photograph.

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I also found a video of the history of the temple and it's transformation.

…but now we are back home in beautiful Naples, Florida ready to plan a wedding. For the past few years, I’ve balanced a day job as Director of Brand Management, owned/operated my photography biz, and volunteered weekly taking photos at the Humane Society Naples. We don’t know much of his back story since we adopted this lovable, furry face in July 2010, but what we do know for sure is that he is one awesome poodle mix.

We spent 57 weeks cruising the Bahamas + Caribbean…where we even got engaged!!! The boring stuff…Born and raised in sunny South Florida. Attended the University of Florida (go gators) and earned a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Marketing.

Bought our first sailboat in 2013, without any real sailing experience, and quit our jobs in early 2014 to set sail in the adventure of a lifetime! Pretty much lives in Columbia fishing shirts and flipflops. Some of my favorite things in this world are my boys Jereme and Oliver, my fun-loving nieces and nephews, farmhouse everything, biking to the beach, the smell of clean sheets, vacuumming, spending the day in pajamas, and antiquing/exploring.

We are Senior Missionaries serving in Porto Portugal but the Provo City Temple is our temple.

We would love to be there to be a part of this big occasion but since we can't we were thrilled to read and see the beauty of this glorious Temple.My parents saw each other in that building and began dating. Thank you for sharing with us and helping us be a part of it all. A friend used it on top of the photo of her and her husband!I live in Provo, also, and it has been like watching a miracle performed. I am not sure if she gets Meridian or not, but that might be a wonderful "co-incidence.One chapter of our grand adventure at life may have ended, but there are plenty of exciting ones about to begin! Loves…(in no particular order) treats, barking at the tv when any animal appears on screen, other dogs (+ people), long walks, and cuddling.We’d love for you to stick around as we share bits and pieces of our little world. Hates…taking his monthly flea/tick medication, going to the groomers, and thunder/fireworks/loud booms. We are not yet full-time, but just put in our notice at work last week. I haven’t met a cheese I don’t like…still cannot find a decent garlic knot in Naples to save my life…could eat hush puppies everyday…LOVE anything homemade…and have an unnatural obsession with diet coke (and Burt’s Bees lip balm).