Like all women I love shopping, shoes, sexy lingerie, working out and being adventurous but you can catch me around good friends and family in my down time but now being there for my fans is my #1 priority.This is only the beginning and if you think you’ve seen it all just wait until what I have in store this year.

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Pebbelz da Model Uncut Vol is for adults onlyand trust me you will see exactly why once Pebbelz starts to.

Feb 12 2009 Watch the video Pebbelz Da Model uploaded.

My fans have supported me over the years so now It’s time that I’ve return all of the love given to me.

I’m a hard working woman that has a passion for entertainment and modeling and in 2011 nothing will stop me from accomplishing my goals and keep the grown and sexy photos coming all day long!

I’m looking forward to my fans getting to know all of the different sides to me, whether it’s my generous side, my loyalty, my loving side and my freaky side.

It’s all there for those that know me they’ll tell you it’s all real.

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