Or delete them from your Gmail web interface, which doesn't send a message to the event owner.

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Choosing Tentative or Out of Office status for a calendar event appears as Busy to other users viewing your status.

This is because Google Calendar supports only Free or Busy status, not these other alternatives.

If you attach a document, contact, or other item to a calendar event in Outlook, you'll see the attachment in your own Outlook calendar, but other attendees won't see it in theirs.

This is because attachments aren't synchronized with other people's Google calendars.

Additionally, recipients of the event invitation will receive an email with the name of the event as the subject and the attached item, yet without any RSVP options.

Deleting a calendar invitation from Outlook Mail sends the event owner an email saying you've declined the event.

This happens even if you've accepted the invitation in your calendar.

Instead of deleting invitations from Outlook, we suggest you move them to your Archive folder.

Instead, set up sharing by signing in to your Google Calendar account in a web browser. You can delete a calendar folder from Outlook to remove it from your Calendar Navigation Pane. But the formatting doesn't synchronize with other users' calendars so everyone else sees only plain text.

If you create a POP or IMAP account in your Outlook profile, calendar invitations sent to that account will not appear on your primary Outlook calendar (as they would with Exchange).

Google Apps Sync can only update your calendar with invitations sent to your Google Apps account.