He confidently strides up to the security desk, signs in at the desk, and then waits “35 seconds before heading up so I can arrive at 9 on the dot.” He waits, compliments the guard’s jacket, and steps into the elevator.As the doors close, the guard casually mentions that Dave’s Jazzy title sequence, and then we are in WNYX, home base for the show.

Jimmy is the character that probably evolves the most throughout the series.

In the first episode he’s a bit no-nonsense, with just a hint of eccentricity, but will eventually become pro-nonsense and very, eccentric.

Jimmy is about to tell Dave what made him more special than any of the other candidates when he receives a phone call. I’m in the middle of telling a guy why he’s special to me.

No, it’s work related.” Just as the call ends, Ed enters from the elevator.

Played by Kurt Fuller from , Ed is the wrinkle in Dave’s situation, as Jimmy informs Dave that his first duty as news director is to fire Ed, the current news director.

Dave’s attempts at performing this duty are constantly foiled.

Ed has to go see his chiropractor because his back is acting up (“Thank god this job gives me full medical coverage…”) forcing Dave to lie and tell his coworkers that he’s the new sports guy.

The majority of the characters kind of seem to hate each other but also kind of love each other, the plots range in tone from “off-beat” to “insane,” and the writing is super sharp. gave some of the first major roles to Stephen Root, Joe Rogan, Maura Tierney, Khandi Alexander, and following success as part of sketch ensembles, the first recurring sitcom appearances of Dave Foley, Andy Dick and, of course, Phil Hartman.

You’re simultaneously introducing an audience to an entirely set of new characters who are thrust into an unfamiliar situation, while presenting this in an organic, compelling way that engages an audience. Today, I submit to you, another entry in the Perfect Pilot Hall of Fame that I just invented: Paul Simm’s place for comedy, but it’s unlike anything else of its time.