Now in its second season, it probed the conviction of a Muslim student jailed in Baltimore, Maryland, after a flawed trial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Indeed, they’d throw huge amounts of money at a project, too — which is why the first series of Fox TV’s American Crime Story has such a staggering cast. podcast Serial, which swept the world 16 months ago, attracting 70 million listeners. Any traditional broadcaster would pray for the kind of success these shows had.

’Griff Rhys Jones was challenged to exhibit giant veg at a Cotswold fete in Griff’s Great Britain (ITV).

Trouble was, he became too attached to his monster marrow, chatting to it, cuddling it and even showing it the sights. But the prize performance belongs to Travolta who, some 20 years after Pulp Fiction, is still mesmeric.

He is physically grotesque, with the bloated carcass of a beached whale, and his head seems to have been so remodelled that it slopes back, like an Easter Island statue.

But his portrayal of defence lawyer Robert Shapiro as a mincing phoney was inspired.

All the right words tripped out of the attorney’s mouth but, with pauses, gestures and subtle intonation, Travolta conveyed how clueless and self-absorbed the man really was.

In light of Stephen Fry’s withdrawal from Twitter yesterday following controversial comments he made as compere of Sunday’s Baftas, it would be unjust to offer any comment on his appearance in The Not So Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive (BBC1).

Fry is president of mental health charity Mind, and obviously sincere in his desire to help bipolar sufferers.

This first episode explained what that was all about: how OJ had been holed up at the Kardashian house, awaiting arrest for the double murder, when he made a sudden run for it after threatening to shoot himself.

This was celebrity melodrama par excellence, and the cast camped it up gleefully.

Schwimmer trotted round after Gooding like a lovestruck schoolgirl, wringing his hands.

Kardashian’s teen daughters were much in evidence, though none was famous yet: when OJ first put a gun to his head, his friend pleaded: ‘Not in Kimmy’s bedroom!