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This inspired a season two episode of "Seinfeld" entitled "The Revenge". p_product=CC&s_site=contracostatimes&p_multi=CC&p_theme=realcities&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&p_topdoc=1&p_text_direct-0=1063FD1A84FAFC62&p_field_direct-0=document_id&p_perpage=10&p_sort=YMD_date: D&s_trackval=Google PM|title=Eager Actor Finds Kramer a Bit of a Trial|publisher=cite web|accessdate=2008-04-19|url= CLUB.(Jerry Seinfeld: a film 'Comedian,' and his influene on the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' TV show) |publisher=] The show is improvised, with the actors receiving a synopsis of their scene for them to act out.

David has commented that his character in the show, which is a fictionalized version of himself, is what he would be like in real life if he lacked social awareness and sensitivity.

[] Indeed, fictional Larry's numerous and frequent social faux pas and misunderstandings are the basis of much of the show's comedy.

The basis of the show is Larry's life now that he has earned a fortune and has very little to do in semi-retirement.] Other projects Apart from David's major roles in creating "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm", he has also been involved in other films and television series.

David wrote and directed the 1998 film "Sour Grapes", about two cousins who feud over a |url=

xid=rss-cnn-todayslatest-20080206-Allen+casts+Larry+David%2C+Evan+Rachel+Wood |title= Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood to star in Woody Allen's next movie |Hollywood Insider |Entertainment Weekly |accessdate=2008-02-07 in the "Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series — Musical Or Comedy" category, for his work on "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

He was nominated for the same category and series again, in 20.

In the same year, fellow comedians and comedy insiders voted him number 23 on the top fifty greatest comedy acts ever in a poll to select "The Comedian's Comedian". There was speculation that the show would be ending after the fifth season; however, the show returned for a sixth season on September 9, 2007, airing at 10pm Sunday nights on HBO.

a Larry David dating sim Twitter account to pop up, nobody wanted one either – who would've thought of that?

Nevertheless, one has appeared and it is both wonderful and weird.

It combines everyone's favourite cynic/misanthrope Larry David, speaking some choice lines from in a Japanese dating sim format, often without much in the way of dating sims going on, with the typical romance game backgrounds instead replaced by scenes from other Japanese media, including RPGs ().