Let’s create a new “single view” xcode project and drop a “switch” UI element on the view.

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value=1 we will see the following things: – {“value”: 1} in the debug panel – the same message we will get in case if we are listening the “wss://{nore-red-host}/ws/mmled” socket.

Let’s check it, here is the node js “server” script which we going to start like “sudo node server” on raspberry pi: if you will google “raspberry pi 3 pins” you’ll find where “GPIO 17” – you basically need to connect it to resistor + led + GND after that you’ll have a chance to turn led on with this line – “led.write Sync(1);” and turn it off with “led.write Sync(0);“.

So the circuit is the following: raspberry pi [DPIO 17 pin] - and try to GET https://{node-red-host}/mmled/status?

value=1 and and try to GET https://{node-red-host}/mmled/status? It’s awesome, at this step you can enable/disable your LED from internet!

Internet of Things: raspberry pi 3 – how to blink led from i Phone?

Here’s a tech stack: – raspberry pi 3 + led – node-red hosted in AWS/anywhere – should be available in internet – node js script on raspberry pi connected to node-red via web socket – swift/ios app which makes http requests to node-red Let’s start from node-red configuration (it’s a really cool tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services).

All we need is to have “http GET” input, let specify the following path “/mmled/status” for it.

and we want to wire it with Output/”Listen on” “web socket” with “/ws/mmled” path. So with several “debug” nodes (convenient way to debug our endpoint) it should look something like this: At this point if we will GET https://{nore-red-host}/mmled/status?

, encoding: NSUTF8String Encoding)) } task.resume() } @IBAction func on Change(sender: UISwitch) { set Led(sender.on); } override func view Did Load() { Did Load() // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.

} override func did Receive Memory Warning() { Receive Memory Warning() // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.

} } It’s just sending GET request with the value 1 or 0 on toggle/switch change.