If you have been to sporting event you have heard a plethora of chants and obscenities yelled toward refs and players.These things are hard to police as it can be hard to pinpoint who the actual culprits are.Nevertheless, I believe a line should be drawn when things get too personal.

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If you have been following Trump’s campaign then you are aware of his stance on illegal immigrants. USA, USA, USA, ” in support of Trump’s negative view on immigrants.

These minority students are American and don’t deserve this type of treatment.

I am glad school officials addressed the chants but I hope strict measures are put in place to discourage future incidents like this.

High school students in Des Moines, Iowa, this week chanted "Trump! Their school's team had just lost to Perry High School, which has a more diverse student population.

The chanters were from Dallas Center-Grimes High, which has a largely white population.

Trump has made derogatory comments about illegal immigrants and has pledged to build a wall along the entire U. Perry student Kevin Lopez noted in a letter to the Perry Chief newspaper that the billionaire's name has been chanted at the team three other times this season.

“It is a chant said to intimidate and discriminate our Latino/Hispanic students and it is a chant that is fueled by racism,” Lopez wrote.

"Perry has been a racial target for many towns for a long time now, and now I am tackling this problem.

I urge that you stay alert to chants like 'Trump' or 'Mini-Mexico' and that you please take action.