Denisse Andrade is a Ph D candidate in Geography at the CUNY Graduate Center interested.

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She moved to New York to earn her Masters in Special Education through the New York City Teaching Fellows Program.

She taught at a Brooklyn public high school for 5 years before leaving the DOE to pursue her doctorate in education.

Her research focuses on the schooling narratives of women in Alcoholics Anonymous, identity formation through said schooling narratives, and the powerful ways in which story-telling can/ should be integrated into empathic teaching and learning.

In addition to finding joy in writing and teaching, she is a stylist, dancer and yoga practitioner.

Anna Gjika is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Her academic interests include gender and sexuality, crime and deviance, and digital media.

Her dissertation examines the intersection of new media technologies and sexual violence among youth.

Denisse has also taught courses on cinema studies at John Jay.

She holds an MA in Media Studies from the New School of Social Research.