Tom Cruise Scientology church was allegedly the target in the new rumored TV show.

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Ortega has been a well-known journalist who have written and documented facts about Scientology.

It was also him who dished the news about Remini’s moving out from the church in 2013.

It was noted in the tabloid that Ortega could not tell much about the series but told about a family joining the show.

He stated that he has talked with them when he then realized that Remini was shooting footage.

Furthermore, author of , Steven Hassan, shared his thought about Remini’s mission on doing the show.

He said that it could have made a mixed effect where some of the members might leave the group.He also added that the church leadership could restrict the followers in accessing the outside world.Hassan told that he hopes the actress’ rumored TV show comes to completion.It might not be new for the star since she has already recounted her 30 years of Scientology experience in her 2015 memoir titled, .In the book, Remini highlighted several stories like the superstar Tom Cruise Scientology, her life as being a “Suppressive Person” and the outrages practices of L. Hence, Huffington Post reported that the rumored TV series will not target Katie Holmes’ ex-husband.It was noted that the show will expose more about the life of Remini and the role of Church of Scientology in the family.