Squatters live in old, empty houses and they don't pay any rent.

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All his mates started work immediately, but Stuart did not want to work.

We haven't been to Greenwich Village yet and we haven't been to Chinatown either.

A friend is someone you can trust, someone you can play games, do homework together. A friend is someone you can rely on, someone you can share things together.

Before your interview read the questions with a good intonation.

There were lots of old, empty houses in Blenheim Street. Its owner - a rich, old woman - died a few days ago.

His house was in Blenheim Street, near the university. Most of the old houses in Blenheim Street belonged to the university. 'One day,' he told himself, 'I'll find something valuable.' There was a large house at the corner of Blenheim Street. There was wood across the front door and the windows were broken. Sometimes he found old books and gramophone records. years; I've met school children from different countries. I love listening to music but I don't play any instrument. Money for a Motorbike It was the month of June and the weather was beautiful. Have + Past Particple Exercise 9 Read and practice the pronunciation do did done write wrote written hear heard heard speak spoke spoken leave left left visit visited visited work worked worked Exercise 11 Read the words and practice the pronunciation Empire State Building ['empaia'steit] n Greenwich ['grinid3] n Chinatown ['tj ainataun] n Statue of Liberty ['staetju: av libati] n helicoptor [Tielikopta] n nickname ['nikneim] n Read the dialogue Carol: We're having a lovely time, Dad.