After studying women for years David then tells you how he discovered what works, and how he changed himself to become better at dating.He says himself he's just an average looking guy, and how everything that he changed about himself makes attractive women see past this.

David then goes on to explain how women's brains are "wired" differently to a man's.

You're then taught how to shift the way you think so you become more attractive to women.

His dating advice will show you how to get inside a woman's brain, and reverse the way she is thinking.

He does this by showing you techniques on how to be the one in control just at the point when the woman thinks she is.

David De Angelo is the author of Double Your Dating.

This man has been studying women for years, and has it down to a fine art on what their needs and desires are.Not only has he studied women but he has also studied what successful men have that unsuccessful men don't. He starts off Double Your Dating explaining to you how women don't make sense.If you've dated a number of women yourself you will totally agree with that statement.He'll show a series of exercises to improve yourself, and become a more positive, attractive person.Double Your Dating then goes on to teach how to communicate better with women.Developing a personality that attracts women is a must, and how to get this type of personality.