Many girls grow up being spoiled like princesses by their dads.This affectionately royal treatment has daughters romanticizing their fathers at a young age.The little girls develop a competitive relationship with their mothers for dad’s attention.

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The excessive fatherly attention can suddenly seem to evaporate around adolescence.

This is around the stage little girls conflate affection with sexuality, so dads often back off to avoid kindling romantic associations.

Unfortunately, this paternal withdrawal only creates more yearning at a time when hormones are unleashing mass confusion.

Thus, teenage girls can quickly go from wanting a daddy to wanting the dad D. She can easily get turned on by the power dynamics, which means your demise is merely arousal to her.

Pseudo-incest has become a real hit with a certain type of woman.

For seemingly inexplicable reasons, a generalized obsession with father figures is pervasive among grown ladies.

While this quirk may seem harmlessly kinky, it actually can foretell endless dangerous situations.

This overview explores the root causes of daddy issues to provide men with a tactful approach to the issue.

Often times, they turn slutty to get the ire of their fathers, because any attention is good attention. There are countless tell-tale signs that show a bitch has daddy issues.