Yet another free online dating site: This one is called mingle2 and has certainly gained in popularity over the past few years.So we now have: And mingle2Because they are free you might as well signup with all of them and create slightly different profiles in each with different profile photos and see which one works the best. Mingle2 sign up is no different to any other dating site registration.

Mingle2 Personal approach: You carefully filter each single to your exact specifications and carefully read their profile noting hobbies and obvious passions.

You then craft a careful email indicating why you think you would be a good match.

Etc Free dating sites tend to attract the first bulk approach where you can just send out a ton of emails and get back a few responses.

Mingle2 allows you to add a single to chat, they then accept you and you can get to know each other.

Mingle2 can suggest local singles that are female but thats as far as it gets.

You are going to need to know which mingle2 user type you are looking for and filter based on your preferences.Mingle2 Bulk approach: You create a generic introduction email about yourself.You then crudely filter based on what your looking for and send the same email to each match.One great thing about mingle2 that sets them apart from rivals such as plentyoffish is that they promise to strictly screen singles for quality.If you check their site stats you fill find a strong trend toward US traffic.This is a good sign that there are not random singles emailing you from other countries.