"Nature of offence: that she has made a malicious allegation against me.“Nature of allegation: That I caused or persuaded Barbara Riebold to give the police a false alibi for me during the Carl Bridgewater investigations. It is grossly unfair.” He and Janet divorced during his prison term.

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She alleged he informed her he might be looked on as a suspect.

Most significantly, she questioned the “cast iron” alibi, provided by work colleague Barbara Riebold, that he was at Wordsley Hospital during the day.

Janet claimed her husband was suffering from a stomach virus and no-one could be sure of his whereabouts because, she alleged, he spent most of his shift in the toilet.

The finger was first pointed at Spencer, who spent 15 years behind bars for the shotgun murder of friend Hubert Wilkes, by the Daily Mirror’s Paul Foot.

Prof Wilson again shone the spotlight on the 76-year-old.

On Tuesday, former judo expert Spencer contacted police about the programme’s content.A statement to Lincolnshire Police, who have handed the matter to the Staffordshire force, stated: “Ref: a formal complaint against Janet Spencer.Convicted killer Bert Spencer, the man at the centre of a bombshell documentary on the murder of paperboy Carl Bridgewater, has complained to the police about his ex-wife’s on-air allegations.Spencer, put in the frame for the horrific unsolved murder by Channel 4’s Interview With A Murderer, claimed the comments had placed his life at risk, and that he may be forced to move home.In the programme, screened last Sunday, Janet Spencer expressed her doubts about her former partner’s innocence.Watch: Interview with a Murderer “There’s no concrete evidence,” she told presenter and leading criminologist Prof David Wilson, “but I really believe that, even if he didn’t actually shoot, he knows more about that than he’s let on.