Dating in Drizzle, play free Dress Up games online.

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Harry had just played a chukka in the second half of the charity match at Coworth Park in Berkshire when he realised that his ten-year old pony, Drizzle, was struggling.

He noticed that the brown mare was not running comfortably and decided to take her out of the match.‘Harry instinctively realised that something was wrong with Drizzle,’ a senior Palace aide told The Mail on Sunday.

‘He decided to ride her to the side of the pitch and she was then walked off.

Sadly within minutes she suffered a heart attack and died.

Game Instructions: There is nothing more romantic than being with you loved one on a date when the refreshing drizzle is falling down.

Don´t let that moment go to waste and dress up for it the best you can. Though it's drizzling outside, Amanda feels excited and cheerful because she is having a date with her dream princess Ross.Let's help her dress up nice and fabulous and wish her a romantic date.'William and Harry are very, very upset – Harry was in tears.’Fortunately spectators were spared the distress of watching the incident.‘It was very lucky that Harry rode her off because we were spared the gruesome spectacle of watching the pony die,’ a guest told The Mail on Sunday. Harry had a cigarette at the end of the game and said he did not want to stay for the lunch because he was so upset.He kept saying he couldn’t believe what had happened. Unfortunately these things happen.’The pony was kept at stables close to the Prince of Wales’s Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire, and had always been kept by the Royal Family.