As far as looks, most people find that there is no shortage of attractive girls, and certainly no shortage of those who are eager to flaunt it.

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U of I fits the bill for a Big 10 school in terms of its guys and girls.

It is so huge that any attempt to describe a given “type” would be a generalization that obscures more than it reveals.

The campus offers you many chances to meet intelligent, attractive men and women, though the brightest engineering minds have the reputation of lacking dating skills.

That said, you are sure to meet many highly intelligent and socially competent engineers (some also highly attractive) in your classes—as well as liberal arts, art, and business majors who fit that description.

There are also many interesting and cute international students, especially in the graduate programs.

Typical going-out wear for a guy includes a button-down long-sleeve shirt with jeans, while girls wear jeans and heels—some wear miniskirts, if the weather allows—with sexy tops.Even in the dead of winter, you will see some girls in nothing but a short dress and heels.Guys & Girls: There is diversity but the majority are white.Everyone in Greek looks the exact same to me, and acts alike when they go out to bars.I found it difficult to make friends only from classes.I befriended my random roommate and we've lived together two years after.