I found my self single after my ex wife had an affair about seven years ago…after sixteen years of marriage..3 kids etc.I moved into a two bedroom flat and realised it was going to be difficult meeting someone.I was paying out maintenance and trying to cover my own living expenses and running a small business,so there was not alot of money left to go out and find a new partner or lover!

dating advice women in their forties-83

The chances are they could be married, a minger…even worse a man! We’re only human after all and we would all like to be a few years younger!

Yes i have lied too…stating that im a non smoker when i do! …some women will take off as much as ten years to attract a younger guy!

.i dont really want to put on there that i smoke cannabis! …ive done this myself and so far have got away with it.

I also got some ideas here: internet dating tips for guys.

The problem is 99% of people will tell small white lies..including myself…and yes this includes women!

…very few people will be entirely honest and will leave out or lie about something about themselves.

One of the things women are very good at is taking photos that disguises their size! They are more than likely trying to conceal the fact that they are on the large size.

…they will upload the best photos taken at the right angles and lighting to create an illusion of being slimmer than they really are! So make sure you ask to see a full length photo…this will save much embarrassment if you do decide to meet.

Also take caution if you see the word ‘cuddly’ in their profile…this normally means fat!