With Daniel stuck having an unpowered teleporting machine and Lin wondering how she is going to explain the loss of her uncle’s library of magic tomes, the two must work together to set things right.Originally created for the pay-what-you-want Summerbatch bundle, this game from Ilyich is a truly magical adventure with a hand-drawn fine art style that is a joy to behold.

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These characters are also smoothly animated, fitting well with the realism of the backgrounds.

The background music contains a variety of gentle tunes that are well suited to the light fantasy setting that forms the larger part of gameplay.

This is adapted to the locations, with an almost ambient echoing tune playing in an eerie cave.

This month you can search for your kidnapped sister, a missing friend or a lost hat.

Elsewhere, you might find the end of the world surprisingly pleasant in Canada, or rush to save the planet from an alien invasion.

More personal quests include a scientist trying to return from a fantasy world, a photographer facing up to a horror from the past and a troll trying to escape from a subterranean prison.Alternatively, you could even adopt the pumpkin head of a truly peculiar detective.All these await in this month’s roundup of releases from the freeware scene.For Daniel, all his hard work is about to pay off as human teleportation becomes a reality.Elsewhere, all Lin's efforts are about to be rewarded as she attempts a practice summoning just prior to her mage exam.But suddenly these two lives collide as their experiments merge, drawing Daniel into Lin’s world and merging half his laboratory with her house.