32% of e Harmony members make dating part of their social life, organising dates while in the pub or spending time with friends (a little friendly encouragement never hurt!

Of course, if you really can’t wait, then that’s fine too – 19% of people say that they’ve asked out potential partners within the first week.

Whether you go fast or slow, it’s really all about going at a pace that suits you.

If you have blonde hair, a black bag, and get the train from West Kirby to Liverpool, you might have a secret admirer.

We know it can be tough to find time to date, so to help you have the best chance of connecting with that someone special, we took a look at our members’ online activity to find out when most people are logging on to find potential partners. Crush hour It might not sound like the most romantic time of the week, but it turns out that 2pm on a Tuesday is the time when most people will be logging on to e Harmony looking for love.

Head online during ‘crush hour’, as we’ve dubbed this peak time, and you’ll find three times as many people as usual joining you.

And more people online, means more chances to catch someone’s eye, get a response to that icebreaker or kick-start that online dating message exchange, and ultimately, more chances to find that special someone.

Beat the back to work blues Once the excitement of the weekend is over and we’ve survived Monday morning, it’s Tuesday when the realities of the working week really hit.

Days are stretching out in front of us and we all start daydreaming about finding the one who’ll help the 9-5 to fly by. Make the most of your early evenings While lunch time is a love hotspot, the early evenings tend to be a little quieter – especially in the early part of the week: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

So, it’s hardly surprising that 90% of the most popular time periods for sending online dating messages happen on a Monday or Tuesday. So, we recommend taking advantage of these off-peak times to step away from the keyboard and make the most of your free time.

Of course, most of us are stuck in the office or dealing with customers for most of the day, so it makes sense to log on at lunch time. Take that cooking class you’ve been meaning to for months, stop bailing on your gym buddy or settle in with that boxset that everyone’s talking about – it’ll free you up to get online at those all-important peak times and give you plenty of time later in the week for all those dates you’ll be booking in.

It’s all about when, not where It might sound romantic to wait for the perfect time before asking someone out, but when you’ve got a million other things crowding your to-do list, there’s no shame in arranging dates on the go.