She’s one of seven daughters, her mother is a homemaker, her father a firefighter.

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Either that, or the guys get more aggressive around that age, too.

Yesterday I wrote about a former classmate who was murdered by her boyfriend after she broke up with him in 1983.

Her murderer served twenty years in prison then was released on parole. (For this article I will refer to the abuser as HE and the victim as SHE, because statistically a much higher percentage of girls are victims and a much higher percentage of boys are abusers, although there are cases of the roles being switched) Today I wanted to follow up with a teen dating abuse story that has a happier outcome.

Nicole comes from a loving, Southern California Mormon family.

He takes his time grooming his victim until she is hooked on him (sexually, emotionally).

That’s when the abuse begins, little by little, until the girl becomes conditioned to keep secrets and withstand the worst kind of abuse. Even so, Nicole maintained that she wasn’t ready for sex, until the night Craig insisted she .

Nicole’s nightmare began her junior year of high school. As Nicole and I discussed this turning point she kept repeating the phrase, “He said I was ready for sex and I kept telling him I wasn’t. so it happened.” Over the phone line I could hear tears in Nicole’s voice.

sad, sad results of a national survey showed that about 3 percent of girls between 12 and 17 said they had been the victim of dating violence, which includes physical abuse, sexual assault, and being threatened with a weapon.

In the same age group, 0.6 percent of boys said they’d been a victim.

According to the findings, certain factors, such as a history of stressful or traumatic events, seemed to put teens at great risk for dating violence, and older teenage girls were at greater risk than boys or younger girls.

The last bit is interesting because it seems that as we get older, we should understand more about what is okay for people to do to us, and what crosses the line, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.