Sometimes they end abruptly with little left to question.

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You may be more of a convenience or a distraction than relationship material.

He has a set of reasons for not being more involved.

His reasons leave little room for debate, such as focusing on his career, hurt by an ex or he is too busy to give time and energy. Are his behaviors in response to what you are putting out there?

If he were interested, he would find solutions, not excuses. Examine your own signs to see if he may be reacting to you.

At Loopylove we believe dating should be a fun, laidback and sociable affair.

You can stand out from the crowd with your very own personalised profile.You can also chat live to other Loopylovers, send emails, upload pictures and upload/watch videos all day long!Avoidance is a simple and clear message that he is not seeking your attention.He does not involve you in his family life or make an effort to introduce you to family or friends. He does not make himself available to meet your friends and family.He is too busy to set aside time to spend with you; he has other things going on.He does not want to make plans more than a day out.