Online dating has become the singles bar or pick-up joint of the old days.Ask anyone who's single these days, and most will say they've used on-line dating services and so have all of their friends.

For those who are new to the on-line game, the novelty of it all can be exciting.

If you're not too fussy, timid or plain old chicken, it can be amusing and fun to meet behind the veil of a computer screen.

When the reality of actually meeting face-to-face sinks in, some never venture out to meet their potential match because it's like accepting rides from strangers; you just don't do it!

I started my matchmaking agency in 1994 after meeting my husband through my own personal matchmaker a few weeks before.

To me it made sense to have someone else picking men for me to meet in a safe and dignified environment that was matchmaker-vetted.

It warrants mentioning that prior to being introduced to my husband, I was attacked at a bus stop by a man who ended up being a serial murderer that detectives believed raped and killed twelve women.The detectives said they all looked like they could have been related to me.On the flip side, are the lucky few who find love on-line and swear it's the way to go. How much time do you have or want to spend perusing the multitude of sites out there and narrowing in on one or more that suits you.Where to even start can be humbling and overwhelming.And what to say and post about yourself is equally daunting.You either muddle through the litany of questions and blurbs to fill in or hurry through completing a profile to minimize the agony.