WITC Brochure 2016-2017 and SUMMER CAMP 2016 Schedule!**Please Note-Thursday Kids classes end on Thursday May 26 & NOT on June 2** FALL SESSION ACES CLASSES-SNOW MAKE UPS: Saturday Jan.23 & Sunday January 24–Makeup is Sunday April 10 **1 hour class 12-1pm **1 1/2 hour class 1-pm ** 2 hour class 2-4pm Monday January 25–Make-up is Monday June 13 ** Make up times are the same as original schedule CONTRACT COURT TIME-SNOW MAKE UP: Saturday Jan.

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Our chapters work hard to live out the values and ideals of their founding brothers and sisters every day, in every interaction. Through a commitment to integrity, diversity, achievement, civility, and life-long learning, Fraternity & Sorority Life strives to produce men and women of competence and maturity who will contribute positively to the world in which they live.

Our new fine middle eastern bakery is located at 1415 Kennedy Road Unit #26 (SE corner of Kennedy & Ellesmere).

There’s plenty of parking in the plaza, so come by to check out our newly designed store.

Adults Fall 2016 SCHEDULE: Adults Indoor Tennis Brochure 16 weeks NEW!

While there are many ways to become involved at Muhlenberg, few other experiences can boast of a history dating back 149 years.

Since 1867 fraternity men and women have been building character, improving leadership skills, serving the community,and developing life-long friendships.If you are looking for the beer-swilling, foul-mouthed, morally questionable Greek-letter organizations of "Animal House" and "Old School ," Muhlenberg College fraternity & sorority life isn't for you.While such behavior may have been tolerated in the past, the modern chapter cannot take such risks if it expects to survive and thrive on campus. We invite you to use the links at the right to learn more about this exceptional community.24 Snow Day-Extent 1 extra week (May 22) Monday Jan.25 Snow Day-Extent 1 extra week (May 16) **Winter 2016 NOW available-click link above** ******HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE****** The Westfield Indoor Tennis Club is a family owned and managed business since 1969.The club hosts 5 indoor deco turf courts, mens and women’s lounge and a state of the art lighting system.