v1.10: Added directions for completing the nasty action sequence during Chapter 34.Kudos to the many readers who wrote in with advice.

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The traditional seperation between story and gameplay is almost completely absent, as nearly every moment of the game is under the player's control.

Even your characters' survival is up to the player, since the game will continue without them if they die.

All these choices lead to a great many possible endings: some determine whether the killer is stopped and his victim saved, while others influence the ending in subtler ways.

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HEAVY RAIN A FAQ/Walkthrough By Thundaka ([email protected]) "How far will you go to save someone you love? This should have everything you need to get through the game and get most of the Trophies, though I'm sure there's still room for improvement in places.

If you wish to host this guide on your website, contact me for permission before doing so. ============================================================================= VERSION HISTORY ============================================================================= v1.00: The first draft, written after two complete runs through the game.If you have any additional questions, or think I should correct or add something in the FAQ, feel free to e-mail me about it.Yet precious few games make use of this advantage to any great extent.It has become common practice for game designers to tell their story through non-interactive cutscenes, which generally tell the same linear story regardless of the player's in-game actions (save perhaps for the odd bonus cutscene that has little to no effect on the plot as a whole).While this time-proven format is all well and good, it leads the player to the uncomfortable conclusion that he is not really controlling his character at all, just going through the motions while he is helplessly carried forward by the plot.To the player who has been jaded by this endlessly recycled format, Heavy Rain is a breath of fresh air.